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After you’ve bought bankrupt stock, you want to get rid of it quickly – the whole point of buying it is to make a quick profit by selling it fast. But where do you start? Well, the world of e-commerce may be the way to go.

E-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon provide a simple way to run a business from home and can be done to your requirements. If you’re not convinced, here are the advantages of re-selling products on those two well-known sites...

The customer base

Unlike a new website that you’ve created for the purpose of re-selling products, eBay and Amazon already have a huge customer base. By posting your products on these, already well-established sites you will no doubt receive increased awareness in your products, and most likely an increase in sales as a result. Your original selling price can be boosted quite dramatically too, thanks to eBay’s bidding system.


If people are looking for second-hand goods or certain products with reduced prices, eBay and Amazon are the websites that they’d turn to. Well known and highly trusted, eBay and Amazon have become the e-commerce giants, holding every kind of product known to man all at varying prices. They’re known for great customer service as well as for their security values, providing people with a confidence and reassurance when using the sites.

Build a reputation

A great part of both sites is that you can build a reputation for yourself as a seller. It’s not about how long you’ve been on there; it’s a known fact that even as a new seller, your products will still be seen among the products of well-established sellers. You can build up a reliable and reputable name for yourself by being quick to respond to sales or queries, and people can view that easily on your profile.

Recommended products

Both eBay and Amazon help the exposure of your products by referrals. Your product won’t only come up when people search for the exact name you’ve put it under; it may show up on browsers’ page under things like recommended products, ‘You may also like these’ or ‘People who viewed this item also viewed...’. These traits will hugely benefit your products’ coverage leading to quicker and better sales.


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